Alessandro Niccolai

Alessandro Niccolai, Photographer


in Tokyo.

The light is slipping into shadow. I need something to hold on to.

Punctually comes the time to go but the doubt inside my mind leads me nowhere.

My mind is a foreign place I don't recognize anymore. I'm dazzled-disoriented.

One thing is more fatal than misunderstanding. It’s the silence that is not understood. Now the daylight is fading..silently.

I'm confused, i hear an incomprehensible lullaby inside a shell and i surrender to the promise of sleep.

You can hear the sound of unheeded voices and in fact it doesn't stay on my mind.

I don't know if i can rely on what i see.

Like a dreamer from some old-fashioned book I lose myself in the arms of melancoly.

I can still see the shining of things.