Shotgun Tori - South African Singer Songwriter


Shotgun Tori  -  Victoria Landey




'I'm so excited to be collaborating with Yuki Eguchi and the Tokyo Art Gallery Agency and I cannot wait to visit your beautiful country to share my music with you.'
-  Victoria Landey




"A little bit of folk; a little bit of country; a whole lot of raspy cut-to-the-heart feeling." - Rolling Stone (SA)

Shotgun Tori is, at heart, a storyteller, a woman with a voice and a guitar, her subject matter approached with an interesting, occasionally humorous, yet always insightful life view.

Her touching, raw vocal delivery is both tender and powerful, and listeners are left with no doubt that she sings straight from her heart.  Tori’s music puts you on the spot, in the moment, while sometimes fun and upbeat, it is often gentle and heart-wrenching.


Fast approaching 400 live performances since her debut in 2011, her personal record being four shows on one day, Tori has toured the length and breadth of South Africa and thrown in Namibia and Mozambique for good measure.

 Her commitment to her craft and her dedication to performing live has seen her become a music festival staple with performances at Oppikoppi, Strab, Afrika Burns, Mieliepop, Parklife (where she opened the main stage for international headliner Xavier Rudd), Rise & Shine and more.


Sweet Weather, the single, with accompanying video, off her critically acclaimed 2011 debut EP Are We Fine Yet?, had a 9 week run on the MKTV Top 10 reaching the coveted number one spot and a receiving a nomination for a MK Award in the “Best Solo” category. The song also reached the number 2 spot on the Jon Savage 5fm national chart show.


Her latest music offering, the aptly titled Be Brave, and her first full length album, was released end June 2013. Wanting to retain her musical independence Tori received most of the album funding from fans through an online indiegogo.com crowd funding campaign. The album was produced by Jay “Rambling” Bones and engineered at the legendary B# Studios by JP Destefani. The album is available in leading independent music stores, on iTunes and other digital outlets or can be purchased directly from Tori at shows or via her website shotguntori.co.za


2014 will see Tori climb to new heights, with the rerelease of a deluxe album version of her debut EP, a tour of the USA and Canada (March to May 2014) including appearances at Canadian Music Festival and more, all approached with the hard work and dedication already making her a star in her own country.

So take the time out to listen to Shotgun Tori, she has a lot to say about things you’ll love to hear and get ready to follow her on her adventure, and revel in her desire to live excellently, love big, tour the world and keep on singing about it.




o   "Shotgun Tori  is one serious vocal powerhouse coming out of South Africa music scene today … She blends folk, rockabilly, and alternative for a sound that can go from gritty to dreamy in just a few minutes" Eartotheground.co (USA)

o   “You get performers and then you get Shotgun Tori … Shotgun Tori is exactly what this country needs to put it on the map” Indiedoesit.co.za


o   "One of the brighter lights in the, happily, burgeoning South African alt-folk scene, Shotgun Tori (aka Victoria Landey) is a passionate, convincing performer." The Citizen


o   "[Shotgun Tori] belts out her folky tunes with a sincerity that draws the crowd in." jhblive.com


o   "heartfelt and occasionally sorrowful, but leaves you feeling like you’ve been party to something really beautiful" athousandguitars.com